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March 26, 2013
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Asar [BEGINNER, 1/4] by GetItOnTheFlo Asar [BEGINNER, 1/4] by GetItOnTheFlo
oh no

here's even a better quality image whoa man muffins is fuckin a+ [link]

:bulletblack: Basic Information :bulletblack:
Name: Asar (Anupu)
Age: 23 (he is a literal pedophile now omfg wEEPS)
Birthday: May 27th
Height: 5'11", often can't notice height though due to wheelchair.
Species: Engineered Human (Test Tube Baby)

:bulletblack: Academic Information :bulletblack:
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: MDC 102, MDC 103
Passed Classes:
Experience: ((do i need to add in experience from the first year or????))

:bulletblack: Personal Information :bulletblack:
Likes: Pretty things, sweets, kids don't look at me like that, socializing, philosophical talk, exploring, reading, flirting, groping, harassment and teasing, and tons of weaboo shit. Expect stocked up piles of manga now omfg. He likes most people, rather it ends up others that kind of. Umm. Not liking him.
Dislikes: Others in turn flirting and chasing after him (though it thankfully rarely happens, since he's generally perceived as so forward), particularly uptight people, manipulative types, eating, etc. He doesn't dislike much, he's pretty chill.
Fears: Particularly self-conscious and scared of showing his body much, wears tons of layers, others ignoring him (purposeful or not), extended periods of isolation.

Strengths: Asar's abilities are fucking crazy now. Specialized in Biological Manipulation, which is the manipulation of cells and bacteria. However, his focus is on the human body, as it is what he's had the most practice with. He could TECHNICALLY manipulate plants and fungi, bacteria and to some degree influence viruses, but it's not his strong suit. Things can go wrong.

Before, his abilities had many hindrances; there was a possibility that when manipulating cells, he'd make a mistake, fuck up something and create a cancerous cell. He also had to touch people in order to even manipulate anything. Four years have passed though, and he's learned a lot, changed a lot. No such hindrances exist any longer. The only issue that still exists is that using his abilities gets him ridiculously high, dopamine and assorted hormones flooding his system. If he was in a fight and used his abilities too much he'd start to get stupid, less focused.

Personality-wise, he is rarely affected by much except for those who know what particular buttons to press, relaxed, laid back, and happy. He doesn't appear to take much seriously and tends to be the most level-headed in a situation.

Weaknesses: Incredibly frail, you really can't push him around much without him getting tired out now. Has to take medication every four hours, often can't force himself to eat and has to have an IV hooked up to him. Can't walk around on his own except for on particularly good days, and even then he needs assistance. Insomniac, rarely sleeps, more dozes and writes in his journal than anything. Said journal is stashed at his bedside, no one's looking at it.

Suffers from anxiety, depression, and a whole assortment of other disorders, though he hides his instability well.

Goals: Live out the remaining time of his short life to the fullest and assist those who will let others help them.

Personality: He's a fruit tbh. Asar rarely takes anything seriously and isn't all that dramatic, he prefers to go with the flow and see where things take him. It's not to say he doesn't do anything though, quite the contrary. He pokes fun at just about everyone and everything, though borderline harassment at times. Though not educated formally, he's very intelligent and insightful, quick to think, quick to make a choice. Rarely does he have a bias for anything, neutral ground is his home.

One of the things that gets him in the most trouble is how much of a flirt he is. Really, calling him a flirt isn't even good enough. In particular he chases younger tail and the those that are more flustered, easy to unsettle. Groping, feeling up, attempting to coerce into lapdances, he's touchy-feely and awful. It's always only certain people though, he may try to push it with some, but they're less "fun". Curiously, he himself is unsettled when people respond well to his advances, at least if it's immediate. He more likes to wear people down. But it's just a game to him. Nothing serious.

Rarely does he make emotional connections, if any. Everything is always fun and casual, and that's how he prefers it. Safe. Secure. No one will see how self-loathing and paranoid, fearful and confused, hateful he is of his own body and self. Constantly that fox-faced mask is up, constantly this shitty, unreal accent that he uses is in place. Only when he truly trusts someone will it drop; unless someone's determined to just rip it away from him. Expect uncharacteristic and wild water works though.

History: SEE [link] OH MAN DID I TEXT WALL AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH :iconlazycryplz:

:bulletblack: Misc. Information: :bulletblack:
-he's a HUGE FUCKING WEABOO I'M SERIOUS if he was online he'd use the "XD" face and do dumb neko shit all the time you'd want to shoot him i assure you
-He wears a single earring in his left ear. This earring was the only thing of his original "parents" he has left, as his old robe was torn his first year at the academy. He didn't have the nerve to ask anyone to fix it and it still sits with his old stuff.
-His accent omits the hard "guh" and "vah" sounds, words flowing and melting into each other. He can be very difficult to discern.
-Asar is incredibly lazy. He won't put much effort into schoolwork or really doing anything. Probably wouldn't care if he was a beginner for the rest of his life orz

Song Playlist

:bulletblack: Roleplay Information :bulletblack:
Chatroom Availability: I try to be in a decent bit o>o
IM Availability: ehhhhh sometimes, but I normally only jump on skype when I'm asked to. thewannabeintellectual is my name yo
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Yekrutslover Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I wanted to know if you'd like for me to move this lil baby from the prospie folder to the students folder, now that the group is open for new students?
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n ah i'm dropping you can just kick it
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OWSlaughter Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Numerous books, all unpublished, lay strewn about the room in various states of disarray. Some were open, others closed, some torn, others missing pages or binders or covers, but all of them ancient, and in various seemingly indicipherable languages. In the center of the room lay Asar and Wren, on their knees and encapsulated around each other in death's embrace. Their lifeless bodies supported each other's weight, an expression of serenity on their faces. Leading outwards from their corpses was a golden spiral in blood all along the floor, trailing along to its end where a dead wren lay, whose blood had formed the spiral.

Perfection surrounds you.
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hjskhdkl yes ;U; there are many Otherworlde adventures to be had with him.
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